Yuval and Merav – Animation Home, is a company that supplying all types of animation services under one roof.
The company also produces and creates the highest quality advertizing films, music videos, Brand Marketing Promotional Videos, and Viral Marketing Videos. The company takes pride in the high standards of creativity of the work produced in “Animation Home” together with their versatility based on a wide range of styles and content that can be adapted to suit the client’s needs.
Our clients include Coca-Cola (Europe), Comcast (USA), Goody (USA), and the Spanish National lottery. The studio has produced films in Israel for IKEA, Netvision, Keshet Broadcasting Company and Kidum amongst others.

“Our company is unique in that we work closely with the client from the concept stage right through to the finished product with uncompromising quality.
We believe that when the concept and script development rest upon a deep understanding of the world of animation, better and more effective results will be achieved. This has been proved to be a fact time and time again.”

The company is managed by the directors Yuval and Merav Nathan who are recognized Internationally as prominent names in stop-motion animation and for rhythmic music videos . In israel, they are one of the most dominant and well known names in the field of animation in recent years.
Yuval and Merav’s resume includes a nomination for the Grammy award for the music video “Her Morning Elegance”; winning the prestigious Annie award for the best commercial in 2009, being chosen by Saatchi and Saatchi new directors showcase for one of the promising directors of 2009 as well as many awards from festivals around the world, with their work having been covered in international magazines and blogs.
The Nathans are represented as directors by Acme Film Works in the USA, by ‘NERD Productions’ in the UK by TNKS in South America and by Tammy Harlev in Israel.
The Nathans established their jointly owned studio seven years ago, after many years of work in animation, post production and design.
The Nathans also share a home, three children and a cat.

“We invite you to share the experience of producing an original film with us, a film that will stand out as a prominent feature
in the landscape of visual media that surrounds us, a film with the magic that only animation can create.”