creative direction and development


“Not every director is also an animation director”.

We specialize in directing films that integrate animation as well as fully animated films. We can either produce the entire film or contribute to the concept development and the direction. As part of our work process we follow the project through from start to finish, paying attention to the clients’ needs and sharing all the different stages with them.

Animation techniques

Thanks to our rich experience we are very familiar with what can be achieved through using different animation techniques and also can set the highest standards for the quality of our products.


  • Stop motion animation using real people creates a special affinity for the product by emphasizing its human aspects.
  • On location filming using natural materials animated by the stop motion techniques introduces a little magic into familiar everyday situations.
  • Live filming of people worked onto a graphic background creates an imaginary collage where anything is possible.
  • Stop motion using products demonstrates various product uses, adding animation magic to the material benefits.
  • Three dimensional character animation. Yuval Nathan has many years of experience in creating animated characters for commercials and short movies.
  • Graphic animation using two dimensional paper cutouts integrated with water colors creates a naïve style especially appropriate for children.

Work processes

Our work is characterized by careful planning which enables the client to understand and visualize how the film will appear from the earliest stages of the process. The following shots give an example of the early stages of imaging of a film as it was presented to a client. After the clients authorization the actual filming can begin.

Part of the process of character development is done in co-operation with the client whilst listening to their requirements and specifications.