animated film production


Animation Home produces animated films from the concept stage right through to delivering the final product. We always aspire to deliver the message in the most original and outstanding way, while maintaining international quality levels. We believe in involving the client in all of the production stages of the film. Together we can define the concept and animation styles that best suit the product or the message. You can be ensured of a final product that will surprise your customers and make you stand out from the competition.


  • Commercials

    Animated films are a proven way to distinguish yourself and your product from the competition, and to provide a viewing experience for the potential client, creating anticipation for repeated viewing.
    Our commercials are characterized by pace, meticulous design and original concepts, which imprint the message in the viewer’s memory.
  • Product Videos

    Animation is a good way to surprise your customer. It gives you great flexibility in playfully displaying your product’s various advantages and applications, in an enjoyable way that also differentiates it from the competition.
    This film, in which the products are photographed and displayed in their full glory, was made using stop-motion animation. While the voiceover gives the basic information the animation complements this, adding an element of humor which makes the movie a unique and memorable viewing experience.
  • Intros, Transition Clips and Promos

    Creating a cohesive concept, that is unique in design, movement and sound which will form a memorable and striking image, which becomes the face of the program.
    In the promo for the launch of the ‘Big Brother 4’ series, we put across the simple and clear message that the whole country is waiting for the return of ‘Big Brother’. The context of this promo was the summer of massive social protest and the growing sense of power of the people.
    The promo earned the program an all time record rating for a program launch (45%).
  • music videos

    Good music videos are intended to launch musicians, out from anonymity and into the center stage in a unique and memorable way.
    Our music videos have proved themselves in this time and time again.
    We see a music video for a piece of music as an opportunity to design a completely free standing and independent creation. In each and every music video that we have produced so far we have searched for new and innovative ways of expression, ways of adding extra creative layers to highlight the artist’s unique characteristics.
  • Animated Films for Business Presentations

    In order to create optimally effective business presentations you must mobilize all of the tools at your disposal to stimulate interest and retain the attention of your client. We believe that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then an effective video clip embedded in your presentation can go way beyond that!
    An animated film with good pace will focus your client’s attention and highlight your product in an unforgettable way.